About Us

We have been blending for a number of years and our family always start our day with a fresh in-season fruit smoothie for breakfast.

After struggling to with lots of cheap alternative, low speed, low power, poorly designed blenders available from local retail stores.

Most retail blenders offer models ranging from 250 Watts to 600 watts of power. As we use our blender every day, we found that after a while the motors packed up or – just needed retirement!

After a lot of research taking almost a year, we came across Nutri-Ninja from the USA.

We made contact & received samples. These products are the Business!!!

So if you are interested in a personal blender or Blender system, take a look at Ninja Blenders

These are the most powerful, cost effective blenders available in South Africa.

Nutri-Ninja blenders have sold well in excess of 20 Million blenders worldwide and now they are available in South Africa.

Ninja® will change your life!